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Since 1968

We provide access to the most exclusive services of financial planning, strategy, management and consulting to enhance the legacy of families through a comprehensive assessment of the financial markets.

We focus on the preservation and growth of assets based on a process of risk management and investment diversification.

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“We take care of your present, thinking about your future”


Andrea Sacha Togni

What can BCO do for you?

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Supervision and Administration

BCO works hand in hand with the banks in order to offer a better service. It provides assistance in all the client’s banking procedures. It also has the knowledge, the platforms and technology to  manage the client’s portfolio in the most professional way.

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Increase of wealth

BCO’s objective is to increase the client’s wealth with the same investment philosophy with which its partners invest their own money.

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Risk Management

It has technological tools that allow frequent monitoring of portfolio risks in order to reduce exposures that might harm clients portfolios. 

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Real-time investment analytics

A new digital platform that enables clients to access their accounts from any device. An easy and direct way to keep clients informed about all their movements

How do we protect our clients?

  • The customer holds his account in one of our partner banks.

  • Each client’s risk profile is carefully established and the advisor’s remuneration is transparent.

  •  The client grants BCO limited power to invest in financial assets and to withdraw only the corresponding fees.

  • BCO oversees that the bank executes orders properly and according to the agreed terms.

  • The customer benefits from a cross-check of his wealth by the Bank as well as his Advisor.

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BCO is regulated by Swiss standards

Depositary Banks

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BCO is an independent financial consultant and works with the most solid financial institutions in the world for custodial services.


Investments are held in leading Swiss banks or international platforms accordingly to the needs of the individual customer.

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Partner companies of Group BCO

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