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BCO LYON and its relationship with the Pagani family.

In 1989 Mr. Carlo Pagani purchased BANCO LYON. BCO LYON SA, headquartered in Switzerland (birthplace of Mr. Pagani), was set up as a branch of BANCO LYON. In 1996 Mr. Pagani sold BANCO LYON to an international banking group, while keeping the legal entity and representative office in Switzerland. He decided to maintain the name BCO LYON S.A. because of its prestigious history and a legacy in which he was personally involved. He used this entity to form his own family office dedicated to family wealth management. Over the years he opened the door to different families to assist them to manage their wealth, thus contributing to the transformation into a multi-family office. 

The beginnings of BCO LYON

Captain William Le Lacheur first came to Costa Rica in 1843, where he played a key role in the economic development of the country. He arrived in Puntarenas and traveled to San José to meet with the coffee plantation owners. He convinced them in two important aspects, which are for the country to export coffee directly to Europe without passing through Valparaiso, Chile, and for parents to allow him to take 16 of their children to be educated at universities in England. These young Costa Ricans all eventually returned home as professionals and introduced the sport of soccer in the country. William focused his efforts and all his ships to engage in trade of Costa Rican coffee with Europe.

Le Lacheur had 5 children, his youngest daughter, Louisa Maria Le Lacheur, married Benjamin Abbot Lyon. When William died in 1863, his son John Allez Le Lacheur and his son-in-law Benjamin Lyon continued the coffee export activity and associated with Costa Rican families and created the first coffee exporting company called Le Lacheur, Dent & Company.

William's grandson, George Lyon, founded BANCO LYON in 1944.

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"We do not only manage wealth, we assist and prepare the next generation for the future”

Carlo L.E. Pagani

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