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How can we help manage your family’s estate? 

A partner for all your needs

Through the group’s companies and a network of leading professionals in their areas, we guarantee access to exclusive financial, legal, corporate, strategic and management consulting services, with a global focus. 


Our goal is to free customers from all non-core activities, so they can focus on their business and personal interests. We focus on providing all the services needed to help them channel their resources, attention and time more efficiently. 


Global Consulting 

"We manage the interest of our clients with the same care that we manage ours." 


Each client has unique needs that change over time, our goal is to offer tailor-made advice for each of them. This is achieved thanks to the skills of our collaborators within the group and the support of external professional close to us, which allows us to offer complete and personalized advice. 

Some of the services in this area are:


Planning and succession

Business consulting

Asset management

Administrative, accounting and tax services

Legal advice

Insurance advice

Concierge services  

manos generacional.png

Generational strategy

"Not only do we manage assets, but we help and prepare generations for the future." 


Taking care of our clients means taking care of the interest of their families and businesses. The transition from family and business heritage to future generations requires a long and meticulous preparation process as well as a professional execution. 

Some services in this area are:


Management consultancy, financial and fiscal strategy of the company.

Acquisitions and mergers

Transfer of real estate assets

Transformation from a family business to a business family

Establishing the ideal legal structure

planeacion de riqueza .png

Estate planning

"Start a journey and build something that transcends time"

Efficient and long-term resource planning is essential to ensure our customers a certain lifestyle during the different stages of their lives. This requires continuous monitoring not only of the financial, but also of the personal situation. 

Some services in this area are:


Follow-up to the consolidated financial situation, liquid and illiquid goods. 

Constant risk management and supervision

Wealth management

Election and management of relations with custodian banks and all third-party counterparties involved.

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